Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I could complain, I often do....but for now I choose to be thankful. 

This mornings quick look at twitter took a little more time than I expected. I was drawn to this blog http://god-loves-women  and then several conversations online in response to it.  

On numerous occasions I have stood up and complained about the lack of women involved in teaching and preaching at large conferences. I've often then found myself angered at the response...a token woman in the program. At times I have been that token woman myself! 

But I'm not going to complain or shout today. Instead I choose to be thankful.
Thankful that today someone else has written a blog and championed the cause.
Thankful that I belong to a church that has been ordaining women for 40 years.
Thankful that I belong to the fresh expressions network who I think are the most naturally inclusive group of people I have ever worked with.
Thankful that I'm NOT the token woman at this years ECG conference...there are lots of us. 
Thankful for a husband who has often put my name forward for an appointment when he could have done it himself...because he wants women to have as many opportunities as men. 
Thankful that in Christ I don't need to shout to be noticed. 

Yes there's still a long way to go, and on other occasions I will probably be pulling my hair out.
 But today I choose to be thankful. 

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  1. Great choice. I was looking at some you tube videos today for comments on a Bible passage and was struck by the fact that every preacher and teacher was male, then I came across your blog. I thank God for the many female preachers and teachers, yourself very much included, who God has used to bless my life with grace, wisdom and much more.